Direct Access Services

Barristers at Kings View Chambers represent many clients through the direct access scheme. All of our barristers are qualified to undertake work in this way.

Traditionally all clients needed to see a solicitor before they could approach a barrister. This meant dealing with two lawyers and obviously paying more money. Now, in the right circumstances, you do not need to approach a solicitor but can come to a barrister direct. Aside from the reduced cost it means you will work directly with the person who will be representing you in court.

Now you can arrange to speak with a barrister directly. You can discuss your case with the barrister and instruct them directly to represent you in court. Not all cases are suitable however the best thing to do is call us and see what we can do to help.

Why choose Direct Access Barristers?

Cost Effective

As our direct access barristers can accept work from the public, other professionals, companies and organisations without incurring the additional expense of a solicitor, we can potentially save you a lot of money. At Kings View Chambers we work where possible on a fixed fee basis so you know from the outset how much it is going to cost. Our clients are told the cost of pursuing their issue with no hidden fees and generally on a fixed fee basis.

Experts In The Area

Should your case be suitable for direct access we can arrange a meeting with you in chambers or elsewhere to consider your situation in more detail. We can also provide video- conferences at lower fees if required.

You can be assured that any barrister you choose will be an expert in the area you need. All are experienced and in practice each and every day. All are regulated by the Bar Standards Board and the Bar Council.

Service Tailored To You

We work with you on all aspects of your case leaving you in complete control throughout. If you are interested in instructing a barrister under the direct access scheme then call us on 0207 060 1221 and leave details of your case. Alternatively complete our enquiry form setting out the nature of your case and what you are hoping to achieve. Our direct access barristers can then contact you and assess whether you case is suitable for the direct access scheme.