Criminal Defence Barristers

If you are facing either a criminal prosecution or have already been through that process and wish to appeal against a conviction or sentence we can can help.

We’re a leading public access defence barristers’ chambers with extensive experience in dealing with criminal cases up and down the country. All our barristers have been involved in representing defence cases for at least ten years.

We can help with all criminal law matters including:

  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Regulatory criminal proceedings
  • Appeals against conviction
  • Appeals against sentence

For some, even a regulatory criminal conviction or traffic conviction can adversely impact upon their life and jeopardise their employment or financial prospects.

When faced with the reality of a criminal prosecution it makes sense to let our public access barristers assist with the complexities of case management and represent you in court at trial or appeal.

As Public Access barristers we have:

  • Lower Costs
  • Better Case Management
  • Greater Accessibility

Criminal Defence Barristers:

We provide high quality specialist advice and advocacy to those facing criminal investigation or charges

  • Criminal Prosecutions
  • Appeals Against Conviction
  • Appeals Against Sentence