Instructing Kings View to advise and represent you

Understanding public access, our fees, our approach to dealing with your case and how to instruct one of our fitness to practise defence barristers.

Public Access Barristers

The Public Access scheme allows health and care professionals to instruct a barrister directly. In the past it was necessary for clients to use a solicitor to instruct a barrister.  Public Access is available for all types of work that barristers can do, except for work that is funded by legal aid.

Fees and costs

Public Access can save you money because you would be paying for a barrister only instead of a barrister and a solicitor. 

All clients are entitled to an initial free telephone consultation about their case. This aids both them and us in assessing whether your case is suitable for public access and whether we are the appropriate lawyers to assist you.  In this consultation we will outline the stages and next steps. This will include indicative timeframes and fixed price quotations.

“We commit all advice and quotations to writing – outlining clearly the agreed course, the agreed fees and the agreed next stages. We encourage all clients to ask anything they wish about this to make sure there is no confusion at a later stage.”


If you instruct Kings View for your case, our fees are capped and there are no hidden costs ever.  All our quotations are given with fixed fees for preparation and representation and confirmed in writing at each and every stage. These fees are given in advance to you, outlined in writing and are agreed before representation commences.

The fee for preparation is dependent entirely on which regulator you are facing, what the allegations against you are, which stage you are at and the extent of the evidence.  We are happy to discuss staged payments as a case proceeds given that most will have long timescales.

How do I instruct a barrister?

You can contact us either by phone 020 7060 1221 or by sending us an email to We call all enquiries within 24 hours for an initial free telephone consultation about their case.

If your case is suitable for public access, and we are the appropriate lawyers to assist you, we will outline the stages and next steps. This will include indicative timeframes and fixed price quotations. 

Timescales are entirely dependent on the stage you are at in proceedings and what work needs to be done. We always meet these timescales however, should more time be needed then we will apply for such on your behalf and with your permission. Such instances might arise if we advise you to gather more or different evidence, a matter of law has arisen or some other topic which requires a decision from you that we think would be best made without the pressure of a timescale.  Outside of this we meet the timescales we agree with you in advance.

Kings View are specialist fitness to practise defence barristers.  For many years, Kings View has advised and successfully represented doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals and students facing fitness to practise investigations and hearings.

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