Kings View Chambers achieve yet another case closed for doctor facing multiple allegations of fraudulent dishonesty. 

The Case

At the time of the alleged dishonestly, Dr W worked part-time at an independent beauty clinic which provided aesthetic treatments.

Dr W’s alleged dishonestly related to payments to herself to which she was not entitled. The initial concerns were raised with the General Medical Council (GMC) in December 2016 by the owner of the independent beauty clinic. 

Dr W was represented by barrister Stephen McCaffrey.  Stephen successfully argued before the MPTS that there was no case to answer in the majority of allegations made against Dr W. 

The GMC conceded that the remaining allegations did not amount to Dr W’s fitness to practise being impaired and agreed that the case could be concluded at the end of the facts stage. 

Dr W: 

The wisest decision I could have made

After struggling through over two years of protracted GMC investigations, I found myself three months from an MPTS hearing. I can honestly say calling Kingsview Chambers was the wisest decision I have ever made. From my first conversation with Catherine Stock I felt complete confidence in their representation, however it was not until the case was successfully closed that I appreciated just how much work had gone into reaching a positive conclusion. My case was closed early, following a half time submission – a result which six months earlier I had never dared to hope for. 

Catherine was responsible for the case preparation and I was represented at the hearing by Stephen McCaffery. I felt informed at all times and found the process far less difficult than I had anticipated. This was thanks entirely to Stephens explanations of the legal process and the decisions which were taken, both on my behalf and by the GMC. 

Stephen McCaffery and Catherine Stock are a fantastic team. They are both very approachable, extremely patient and provide outstanding legal representation. They are also incredibly supportive, which made the entire experience far less stressful than it would otherwise have been. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Thank you both!

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