Kings View successful in GMC restoration for doctor following disciplinary erasure

Kings View successfully represented Dr M in this application for GMC restoration following disciplinary erasure.

Kings View successfully represented Dr M in this application for GMC restoration following disciplinary erasure.

Dr M first came before a MPTS fitness to practise panel in 2013 and from the outset of that hearing they admitted the allegations in full and the panel found it proved.  The allegations related to a criminal offence of fraud by dishonest false representation and practising whilst their professional indemnity insurance had lapse.

In light of the above, the MPTS panel determined that the only appropriate and proportionate sanction in Dr M’s case was one of erasure.  It noted that Dr M’s behaviour was remediable, although it accepted that dishonesty, by its very nature, was difficult to remedy.

Dr M instructed Kings View to advise and represent him in his application for full restoration.  Kings View worked with Dr M over a long period of time to ensure they gained full insight and was able to demonstrate genuine remediation.

In granting Dr M’s application for full restoration, the panel commented in particular that Dr M demonstrated an ‘impressive’ amount of remediation.  It concluded that Dr M had provided ample evidence of remorse, insight, remediation that strongly supported his contention that they had changed their attitude and behaviour.

Commenting on the case, barrister Catherine Stock said:

“It is so important that doctors engage with us and work together with us to be able to achieve a successful outcome. This is the case for any type of allegation but even more so where allegations are about character and not simply clinical competence.


“We worked hard on strategy for this case and worked closely with Dr M to explain carefully why this was the correct strategy to adopt.


“This case demonstrates yet again that if you seek advice from us early, the outcome is generally better.”

Dr M commented:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Catherine Stock and Kings View Chambers in helping me get a successful outcome at my GMC restoration hearing.


“Having been erased from the GMC register on grounds of dishonesty and misconduct, I knew it was always going to be a challenge to effectively demonstrate how much I have changed and convince the MPTS panel and GMC to restore me.


“After looking at several legal firms and barristers I decided to instruct Catherine Stock and Kings View Chambers based on a good personal recommendation and positive reviews, a decision I am very glad I took.


“I had already done a lot of preparation when I first instructed Catherine Stock. But the work I had done lacked focus and clarity. Over the year leading up to my hearing, Catherine helped condense and focus my written preparation. She gave useful feedback and guidance on all my written submissions, focusing particularly on how I have gained insight and appropriately remediated.


“She gave me a lot of guidance and spent time helping me write a reflective document, which was a key document used in my hearing, as well as detailed guidance on how to get good references. She was always prompt to respond, in my opinion striking the right balance between email communications and video or phone calls. Although there were times when our opinion on the approach to take differed, she gave sound and useful advice and got me the outcome I wanted.


“On the lead up to the hearing she helped calm my nerves and gave me the confidence boost I desperately needed. She gave me structure and guidance on how to approach questions I maybe asked, and above all the correct mindset I needed to have on the day of the hearing which proved invaluable.


“I am forever grateful to Catherine in helping me get full GMC restoration. I am now looking forward to returning back into the profession I love and missed. Kings View Chambers are very fair and reasonably priced with no hidden extras and I am very happy to give my full recommendation.”

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