Social Worker able to return to unrestricted practise

Our client, a social worker, is free to return to unrestricted practise after SWE revoked our client’s Suspension Order.

This was a review of a substantive order of suspension imposed by Social Work England (SWE).

In advance of our involvement, the social worker, M, had accepted a Suspension Order at Case Examiners stage. Following the suspension period, the Order was to be reviewed at a hearing. The purpose of these review hearings is for the Panel to consider whether the social worker has developed further insight and to decide whether they remain impaired or are now fit to practise.

The Panel can revoke the order, continue the Order, or replace the order with any sanction that would have been available to them previously.

In M’s case, SWE’s position initially, was that the social worker had not engaged and was therefore still impaired. Just before the hearing, SWE altered their position to suggest that the suspension order be replaced with a warning of 3 years duration.

The social worker had approached Kings View Chambers at very short notice, and we worked with them to prepare for her hearing.

Contrary to SWE’s position, we argued that the social worker had full insight, had remediated and was no longer impaired. We submitted that as a result of her actions during the suspension period, she was now fit to return to unrestricted practise and the that the suspension order should be revoked.

We were successful, and the Suspension Order was revoked with immediate effect.

Our client said:

“I am immensely grateful for the exceptional legal representation I received from Catherine and her team. From the moment I approached Kings View Chambered with my case, Catherine displayed extensive knowledge, professionalism, and a strong commitment to achieving justice.


“Throughout the entire process, her and her team demonstrated exemplary expertise and strategic thinking. They meticulously analysed every aspect of my case, leaving no stone unturned. Their exceptional research and attention to detail were evident in their hearing presentations and arguments.”

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