If Carlsberg ran regulatory law firms this would probably be one of the best regulatory law firms in the world. They are truly the X-Factor of regulatory barristers.

They are truly the X-Factor of regulatory barristers.

I was involved in a malicious GMC case which caused 15 months of severe stress and hell. I involved a “big named” regulatory law firm initially but that did not stop my case going to tribunal. Not satisfied with this particular law firm and the handling of my case, I went to search the internet hoping to find an exceptional team and I am thankful for stumbling across the truly magnificent and superior expert team of regulatory barristers – Stephen McCaffrey and Catherine Stock. They reassured me that they could take on my case and help me. I felt extremely confident that they could handle my case and was also reassured by great reviews on their site. They gave me excellent advice throughout, Catherine prepared my case and Stephen accompanied me to the tribunal and gave such an exceptional performance that my case was closed early (next day) following half time submission.

I truly wholeheartedly and personally recommend this exceptional regulatory barrister team that not only provides direct public access (so no “middle man”) but realistic, reasonable fees.

Thank you to you both from the bottom of my heart