A doctor, represented by Kings View Chambers, has avoided a practice suspension following a MPTS hearing where they were accused of dishonesty. 

Dr JC was accused by the GMC of dishonesty that they contended amounted to their fitness to practise being impaired.  The hearing related to a number of allegations relating to Dr JC practising without a licence, correspondence between Dr JC and other doctor and dishonesty when completing employment forms.

Dr JC was represented by GMC Defence Barrister and Joint Head of Kings View Chambers, Mr Stephen McCaffrey.  Through Stephen’s representation before the MPTS hearing, the accusations relating to dishonest behaviour was dismissed early on in the hearing.

The remaining accusations were admitted and proved that required a decision from the MPTS with regards to appropriate sanction.

The GMC argued that a full suspension would be the only proportionate response in order to protect the reputation of the profession.

Stephen McCaffrey however successfully persuaded the MTPS committee that suspending Dr JC would be inappropriate and that any remaining concerns relating to Dr JC’s fitness to practise concerns could be factored in to conditions imposed on her registration with a subsequent review hearing. 

The MPTS committee were persuaded by Stephen’s arguments not to suspend Dr JC opting instead for practise conditions to be imposed with a subsequent review hearing. 


“Amazingly helpful barristers”

Speaking after the hearing, Dr JC said “Amazingly helpful barristers, who, as they are GMC specialists, really know what they are doing and how to achieve the best possible outcome. Highly and unreservedly recommended.”

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