HCPC drops case against our client

In a fitness to practise case that has been ongoing for a number of years, the HCPC eventually dropped the case against our client.

In a fitness to practise case that has been ongoing for a number of years, the HCPC eventually dropped the case against our client.

In this case, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) decided to proceed with the fitness to practise case against our client, GB, despite the police deciding to take no action in relation to their investigation.

Speaking about the case, fitness to practise defence barrister, Catherine Stock commented:

“This case required a vast level of legal input and demonstrates how important and significant, properly considered legal strategy is to a successful outcome.  Despite the length of time the case has taken, in the end the HCPC were in a position where they had to drop the case and no action was taken against the registrant.”

 “Their professionalism and support were truly incredible. I am so grateful for their help. If you are facing any trouble, do not hesitate to contact them – you cannot handle it alone.”


Speaking after their case, GB said:

“I was represented by Catherine Stock and Stephen McCaffrey from Kings View Chambers during my HCPC (FTP) Hearing.  I cannot emphasize enough how skilled and dedicated they are. Despite the complexity of my case, which lasted almost three years and seemed hopeless, they successfully defended me.

“I was expecting to be struck off by the HCPC, but thanks to them, I can continue practising without any restrictions and the case is closed with no further actions.

“Moreover, their financial terms are transparent and fair for the exceptional service they provide.”

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