Social Work England (SWE) has this week released a number of guides for social work practitioners in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

All of England’s healthcare regulators have been publishing extensive guidance and advice to their registrants with perhaps the exception of Social Work England who has been slower in publishing advice and guidance. 

However, it has now begun publishing advice and guidance in response to Covid-19.  In doing so, the regulator acknowledged that: “Social workers are considering entirely new dilemmas, balancing the importance of social distancing measures, with the very real need to reach out to people, to visit at-risk children, adults and families, and protect themselves and their own families.” 

SWE is bringing “together the perspective of practice leaders and the regulator so that social workers feel supported in considering and making changes to their practice.” 

‘Context’ has been the principle consideration in fitness to practise issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic as far as it relates to clinical practice and decision making.  SWE’s advice recognise this as a relevant issue as well saying “we’ve explored the ethics of different ways of working and shared real innovation in practice.” 

Guides published


Guides yet to be published


  • Best Practice Guide for Emotional Wellbeing
  • Best Practice Guide for Student Placement and Education
  • Best Practice Guide for Digital Practice
  • Best Practice Guide for Holistic Safeguarding of Children and Young People Online and Offline
  • Best Practice Guide for Working with Children and Young People Online
  • Best Practice Guide for Domestic Abuse
  • Bets Practice Guide for Mental Health, MCA and DoLS
  • Best Practice Guide for Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual or Criminal Exploitation
  • Best Practice Guide for Complex Safeguarding
  • Best Practice Guide for working with autistic people and people with disabilities
  • Best Practice Guide for Multiagency Partnership Working
  • Best Practice Guide for Managing Transitions
  • Best Practice Guide for Placements and working with at risk adolescents and those who go missing
  • Best Practice Guide for Prioritising Children and Families’ Needs while transitioning out of Covid-19 pandemic

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