Kings View Chamber’s lead counsel, Stephen McCaffrey, has successfully defended an Osteopathic practitioner before the General Osteopathic Council (GOC). 

OMT Training was accused of various breaches of the numerous breaches of the General Osteopathic Council’s “Osteopathic Practice Standards”. 

It was alleged that OMT Training ‘lacked integrity’ relating to admissions in management rather than actions in person.  Whilst there was an allegaion of ‘lack of integrity’, there was no allegations of dishonesty specifically. 

With Stephen’s representation, negotiations with the GOC, a factual basis was advanced which was agreed which only left the argument of integrity.

Although the GOC Tribunal did find the ‘lack of integrity’ allegation proven, it did so without any dishonesty or sharp practise.  

Instead of a suspension or revocation, OMT Training was given a written warning. 

Commenting on the case, Stephen said:

“Although in normal circumstances a long suspension and/or removal from the register would have been almost inevitable outcomes, the Tribunal agreed that in all the circumstances advanced and following full submissions on law and fact that the appropriate outcome was one of ‘admonishment, which is equivalent to a warning.” 

OMT Training said:

“We very rarely give recommendations but I wanted to highlight Stephen McCaffrey, his team and the excellent work that I received. 


“As a client from the very start Stephen was an absolute professional, he was down to earth, approachable, intuitive and diligent, he liaised with myself on numerous occasions regarding the case, the preparation prior to the hearing was meticulous and from what could’ve been an incredibly stressful and daunting time for myself it was a smooth and comfortable process. Stephen not only managed the case at the hearing but also managed us as clients ensuring we knew exactly what processes were occurring, dealing with our anxiety and stress. 


“The outcome was fantastic and I put that down to Stephen and his skilled team. 


“Thank you, and for any healthcare professional needing advise or assistance I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

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